This little chap is supposed to represent El Torro wearing a traditional Tenerife costume. Only one thing wrong with that is that the costume is feminine, but hey! - it's a bit of fun.

Las Galletas in the south of Tenerife held an Artisans' Fair at the weekend, and as it's a ten minute drive from our home - and we had to go to the bank - we had a look round.

Every stall was draped in a length of the traditional peasant fabric and shaded from the bright sun with locally-made grass matting.

We bought some goat milk cheese .....

.... and some tomato bread and a huge teacake that will probably last us two or three days.

Someone beat us to the wine ...

.. this display board was once used to crush grain out of its husks. The board would be weighted with rocks and drawn back and forth by a goat, or weighted with children and hauled by their mother.

There was lots of local honey.....

.... and we could have bought any number of hand-made honey dippers or other kitchen tools .....

....or even cigars rolled on a local maiden's thigh...

...we already have a terrace full of plants ...

..... and are way too old for the bouncy castle, but I did enjoy seeing its proximity to the statue of older traditions.

We saw at least half a dozen stages being set up, each with its loudspeakers, and no doubt the local populace stayed up all night partying.

We went for a quiet meal with friends in Los Cristianos and saw a sandcastle.


  1. What interesting & top quality photos.

  2. Nice pics, nice cigars. But hey, Liz, where's the local maiden? :)


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