Whether the weather be cold
or whether the weather be hot -
we'll weather the weather
whatever the weather
whether we like it or not.

I'm not sure whether I've quoted that old ditty correctly, but the childhood when I learned it was a long time ago!

Isn't our perception of weather strange?
My friends and I have been complaining this week about having to wear jackets when we go out, yet in England people are turning the heating back on.

"When are we going to get some decent barbecue weather?" someone in the bar moaned a couple of days ago, but last weekend my family in Sussex ignored the rain and lit their barbecue under a parasol.

People come out here for a holiday and walk around practically naked while we cover up - we can pick out the tourists at a glance. "Dressing up for the evening" to them means short sleeved shirts and strappy dresses - to us it means wearing long trousers and jumpers.

Opinions vary as to how long it takes for an ex-pat's blood to thin - some say weeks, others claim months - but the fact remains that for us the drop in temperature from 40F last week to 25F this week has come as a shock, and we're freezing!


  1. Weather is funny...ours finally got quite warm. We went from winter to summer in just a week. I hope you are able to barbecue soon!

  2. Weather is definitely a funny thing. We had a few late season snows this year, and I missed them all by being out of town. In spite of the snow, the spinach, peas, and lettuce I planted are thriving. Would really like some sun warm enough to make sun tea though.

  3. It's warm in the sun, cold in the wind, and very cold when the sun goes down. Definitely not giving up my jumpers any time soon!

  4. Tourist often ignore the weather. Cute poem. Making my way through the very last few blogs on the road trip after the a-z. Gotta a few others to cruise over to. Enjoy the rest of the wkend.
    Still Blogging after a-z

  5. It's been a funny year weather wise - but it was last year too and the one before ...

  6. It's strange how locals aclimatise. Last October we went to Italy and the workers at the hotel asked us if we weren't cold as they had coats and scarves on while we wore shorts and t-shirts.


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