After a debauched two hours drinking and chatting with my daughter - if you can call two glasses of lime & soda debauched - Kika was waiting patiently for me on the swimming-pool wall. (She's in the centre of the photo above the hibiscus.)
Well, I say 'waiting patiently', though there was a definite 'Where have you been?' in her greeting and I think I detected a tapping of paw on the cement wall.

She proceeded to weave her slalom course through the railings - and then she heard the whirring of my camera.

What a poser she is!

Is this my best side?

....  or this?

...... or how about this?

Kika must be at least fourteen years old - she was a stray - but she's a real prima donna, isn't she?


  1. Two glasses of lime and soda! that's definitely debau... deb... de-something-or-othered.
    Nice cat. Cats are fun - my dog certainly thinks so.

  2. Thats a good age for a cat, had to put mine down at 12.

  3. Your camera obviously loves your cat!

  4. Your cat obviously loves the camera, especially as she now has you as her own personal photographer... :-)

  5. What a beautiful cat! I've passed a Leibster award to you, the details are on my blog.

  6. Loads of debauchery. Sounds like the cat's a bad influence. Cute and funny post.

  7. I love Kika. My two pose like that. Hilarious aren't they. Lime and soda is my kind of debauchedness!

  8. Awww...adorable kitty cat! We have 2 that are the center of our universe! I dedicate a lot of my blog time to them. :)


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