CLOUDS covered Mount Teide went I went for my morning walk – not surprising after that wild windy night. I'm a tad weary today, too - when leaves the size of a man’s hand CLASH together they tend to wake me up! 

But I must stick with my blog theme – my novel Helter-Skelter, which I am re-writing this month alongside the A-Z challenge.

CORPORAL Albert Smith and the pitiful remains of his squad were heading for the coast, a scant hour ahead of the enemy, when Albie, from his seat in the cab beside Private Thompson, saw the helter-skelter. 
It was far off to the right, blackened and smoking rather than clean red and white stripes, but the truncated-cone shape was unmistakable. He clutched Thompson’s arm; “Tommy! Look at that – I don’t bloody believe it!”

 These are the opening lines of H-S. It is 1940, and the British Army is racing to reach Dunkirk before the Germans. Chapter two returns to 1925 and follows Albie growing up - I will give you more snippets of his story as we go along.


  1. Ah, see, I'm intrigued now. I want to know what he's talking about.

    Nice post.


  2. Me too, why doesn't he believe...?
    But you have clouds! We have bright sunshine. Just mentioning it!

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  3. I'm getting quite drawn into this already and it is a great way to introduce your book - in bite-size tasters. I can think of a young relative who will be looking forward to reading just such a tale.

  4. I'm also intrigued. I'll be back to read more!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  5. So now I can count on four people to buy my book if - sorry, when - it makes it into print! Thank you all!

  6. Definitely a thought provoker - maybe 5 book buyers now.

  7. Intriguing excerpt! Interesting setting/time period for a story as well.

  8. Hiya Lizy,

    I love reading your little snippets about your environment, eg the leaves that keep you awake. Plus the pics are great too.

    Best wishes for A-Zedding and sorry you can't follow me (I dunno what it is with that blogging site)

    Debbie W

  9. That's a great opening, Liz. I'm hooked. I still think you should self-publish while you wait for an agent.

    Glad you decided to take part in the challenge - good luck!

  10. Great stuff! I'd self publish too. Good advice. Thanks for liking my A-Z writing challenge blog.


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