I nearly killed a cyclist today.
Not deliberately, I hasten to add, though from my language when I missed him you could be forgiven for thinking so.

I was approaching a bus stop in front of which is one of those traffic-calming humps with a zebra crossing painted on top, so I was going slowly. Between me and the edge  of the road was a cyclist and. just as I was about to drive over the crossing hump, he swerved and rode across it practically under my wheels.
No hand signal, no indication whatsoever - he just went for it. Stupid, stupid man!

These cyclists seem to think they have the right to chop and change between being a vehicle or a pedestrian. Is it only in Tenerife that they behave so badly?


  1. We have two-wheeled 'suicide-merchants' over here in the UK, too!

    I grant you, there ARE good and proficient cyclists - just not many that seem to be anywhere near me when I'm driving!

    If I drove my car without lights and ignored traffic signals or mounted the pavement I would expect to attract the attention of the police. Not so, apparently, for cyclists!

    They seem to rely on the fact that my brakes are in perfect working order as they swerve in front of me!

    Also, they appear to assume that I have x-ray vision to detect them wobbling into view in the dark without lights of any kind, or reflective clothing!

    Worse still are the 'companion' cyclists - riding two abreast with no concept of other road-users trying to over take them as they dawdle along admiring the scenery.

    I once hooted a cyclist for riding down the middle of my lane holding me up (and a stream of other vehicles behind me!). I indicated the dedicated cycle lane at the side of the carriageway and was rewarded with a barrage of obscenity and a two-fingered salute!

    I know it's un-Christian of me but I hope he got a puncture later that day!

  2. I hope you weren't too shaken, Lizy!

  3. It's the same throughout Spain, we have similar problems in Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja. If the Spanish motorists can't even be bothered to signal their sudden changes of lanes and direction what hope can there be from cyclists: and then there is the attitude to pedestrian crossings here in Spain.

  4. But Elliot - I thought Spanish cars were actually manufactured without any signalling devices?

  5. I have to say I love the picture! It's great. :-)

  6. As Sue said, there are good and bad everywhere. My husband cycles to work sometimes, and has to go on the road for part of it. It worries me. People don't look for cars half the time, let alone bikes or motorbikes! My brother was sent flying over the bonnet of a car and smashed its windscreen several years ago when a woman just pulled out into the main road from a side road without bothering to look properly. My Dad then happened to drive by and saw my brother lying in the road!
    On the other hand, I have also seen totally oblivious cyclists - and pedestrians - who flit about as though they are the only road users and then are surprised to hear a screech of brakes - if they are lucky and people are alert, as you obviously were! It's a terrible shock when people are so idiotic with their own safety. Hope you are ok now x


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