.... isn't just nigh - it's here!
December 21st 2012 - 21.12.12 if you're English, 12.21.12 if you're American. Maybe there was something signinifant in those numbers to the Mayans.
Of course, it is also possible that the 'experts' read the hieroglyphs wrong.
It's a great design though, and has been copied over and over in different forms, from jewellery to stargates, so the Mayans aren't forgotten.

On a cheerier note, and assuming we make it through today, here are two photos io my home-made Christmas tree as an online Christmas card to everyone.
 It's made from two wire coathangers, green garlands, baubles and a string of lights.
The first lot of lights died after a week so I had to unwind them and buy more. When I got them out of the box I discovered they aren't Chinese, they're Russian, and its took a firm hand to make the damn things plug into the extension lead. Still, they're flashing prettily now, and my tree hangs tidily out of the way on the wall.
 I would like to thank my fifty followers for finding my blog interesting enough to add their names, and a special thank you to those of you who leave comments. It is always lovely to get feedback - it reminds me I am not whistling in the dark!



  1. So far, so good - I'm still here and the world hasn't ended.
    Love your homemade Christmas tree - reminds me of the advent crown they used to make on Blur Peter. Do they still do that, I wonder?

  2. If Blue Peter is still going then there must be a new generation of wonky Advent Crowns, toilet roll spaceship, and "Here's one the backstage crew made earlier" :)

  3. Thought I'd wait until 22nd to comment, just in case - and Yay!!

    It's been great reading your blog this year - such diversity! Merry Christmas :-)

  4. That is a lovely idea - an online Christmas card! (and your tree is gorgeous!)

    Maybe we could do that as a blog-fest next year and hop round to each other's blogs to see all our different 'cards'?

    Best wished for a peaceful Christmas, Lizy, and a hope-filled New Year!

    SueH (I Refuse To Go Quietly!)


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