I opened up My Documents today to look for something in my Oddments folder and found all my short stories on there as well.
They were all nicely slotted in alphabetically as if they belonged there. They didn't.
Up until yesterday - or maybe the day before - I had a Short Stories folder, which had vanished. It wasn't even in the Recycle Bin. That's scary.

Presuming that it was something that I did inadvertently, how on earth did I take the entire contents of one folder and add them to another, then send the Short Stories folder to oblivion?
Answers in my comments section, please, not on a postcard!
Knowing what I did might, just might, prevent me from doing it again.

What a good thing I copy any changes onto a memory stick each night.


  1. I have accidentally moved one folder into another by dragging and dropping it without meaning too. That was the whole folder though, not just the contents so we're as bad as each other ... but in different ways.

  2. It's such a good job you saved it to the memory stick, I keep meaning to get one and end up putting it off. Sorry I can't be any help with your computer problem, hope you get it sorted.

  3. I heard some years ago of a grandfather in Devon who was totally distraught because he lost all photos of his grandchildren taken over a 5 year period.
    Ever since then I keep two back up memory sticks - regularly updated and store them in my fireproof safe.

  4. I've messed up my folders, etc., and I've also had weird things happen without explanation. Gremlins, I suppose. Good idea to back up regularly!

  5. I remember to back-up when people write posts about backing up, so thanks - I'll get straight on to it :-)

  6. I'm sure computers do their own thing when we're not looking. My Printing Options has turned to Chinese...I have no idea! Got to get the boy to look at it tonight (not that he can read Chinese but computers are generally scared of him). Glad you found your folder!


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