HOT hot hot!

The drop in temperature on Monday was a fluke!
Today, inside our apartment it is 26 and outside it is 45. No wonder the crops are withering.
At least one vineyard has had to abandon its attempts to produce a vintage this year, the supply of local bananas and oranges is pathetic, and the potatoes for which the Canary Islands are renowned are double the normal price and hardly worth cooking.
The OH, who is snappy at the best of times, is even worse when deprived of his potatoes.
Bring on the rain!


  1. That sounds so uncomfortable, I'd be wilting too! Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. Very uncomfortable - let's have some rain.

  3. Ok seems I have to post as anonymous here in Egypt, don't know why?

    Anyway i wanted to say bet it's hotter here!

    Shirley E

  4. 45 degrees? We left the Poitou Charente because it maxed out at 40C one summer. We've got 11C and day after day of fog.Your veggies are dying of heatstroke, the UK's are flooded and rotting. What a bonkers year.

  5. Shirley-Anon - if it's hotter there I sympoathize. I have brought a filthy cold back from my hols and having a temperature in this heat is no joke.


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