This was the sight that met our eyes on our way home today - parents collecting their children from the school in Parque de la Reina.
Something you see everywhere, right?
It nearly didn't happen here. The Cabildo decided to extend the school to take senior pupils as well as infant and junior, and they were going to do start work this month. Apparently this would have made the school too dangerous for the pupils so the summer holiday was to be extended indefinitely.
What about our children's education? The parents complained and actually changed the minds of the authorities. What happens next I don't know, but it's proof that - sometimes at least - it's worth making a fuss.


  1. That's the most bizarre thing I've ever heard - closing a school indefinitely. What were the authorities thinking? Surely they didn't need the parents to point out the obvious.

  2. Good grief - sounds like it's not just the kids who need education!

  3. Apparently the new building is to be an upstairs extension on the original.There fore unsafe for the pupils to be on the premises.The fact that they've had three months of school holiday to do it seems not to matter.When the parents went to register for the new term last week - this has to be done every term - they were informed that school wouldn't open till perhaps the end of October.One mother at least went immediately to the Police to register a denuncia.It beggars belief, doesn't it? No wonder half the population is only semi-literate.


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