I arrived at the bar the other night to be told, "You've just missed Grumpy Hour."
What a brilliant idea, we thought - everyone has to get their grumpiness out of the way within a specified time limit - say 6.30 to 7.30.
Work issues are always good for a grizzle. Lack of cash and the rising cost of living - everyone has opinions on this subject, however much or little disposable income they have. The latest stupidity of Him Indoors or Her Indoors is a bottomless well of stories.
Drivers - everyone else on the road is a blithering idiot.
Parents - what the little perisher did today.
You can bitch all you like - for Grumpy Hour - but after that, let there be no moaning at the bar!


  1. Love this idea! But, thinking that since happy hour in a bar usually means drinks are cheaper, are they more expensive for grumpy hour? :)

  2. Strangely enough we didn't discuss that, Rob - but they're cheap enough here anyway!

  3. What a great idea! Maybe I should sponsor a grumpy hour for writers at a bar instead of our usual monthly morning coffee hour.


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