We were just in time before Carlos closed for his two-week holiday - an evening out with the youngsters - his son, my daughter, two in-laws and two Polish friends.
We ate at El Cine, a restaurant in Los Cristianos that consists of a kitchen/bar and a couple of wind-out blinds that cover tables and chairs for about thirty.
They need the blinds to keep the afternoon sun off their customers, because they are all sitting in a narrow street - Calle Juan Banajo. The blinds are even fitted with "misters" that can deliver a fine spray to cool you down.
If you arrive after 8pm you have to queue up the steep approach alleyway, that you can just see behind us in the second photo, and sit on the windowsill of the Farmacia with a drink while you wait for a table.
We had 3 plates of hake, two of sardines, one of swordfish, one of prawns and one of cuttlefish, a glass of something each, some bread and coffees. We couldn't quite finish it all, and the bill with a tip came to fifteen euros a head.
Look it up - www.barelcine.com
Then we walked along the seafront and bought Italian ice-cream for pudding, which we ate watching a young man make enormous bubbles that drifted overhead in their wobbly fashion and exploded softly.

There were children kicking sand on the beach, girls on roller-blades weaving in and out, African women plaiting hair under a lamp-post, African men hawking watches, a Chinese girl throwing neon lit whirlygigs into the night sky, a man with a keyboard at one restaurant vying with a Canarian group further along.
And no, we didn't bring the dog home.


  1. What a fun night! I would love to live closer to fresh seafood. I bet it was all delicious.

  2. Many of my Brit friends use it regularly & share your views about the place. I will have to go for sure.

  3. You live in such an exotic place. The fish, oh my!

  4. I want to go where you are, Liz!!!


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