BLUE SKIES, nothing but blue skies...

We have had no rain for over a year – one shower exactly seventy-four seconds long doesn’t count – and the Government have finally admitted there’s a sequia – a drought. They have asked people “not to waste water” though they haven’t actually banned its use – that might cause an uproar – and we can’t upset the tourists by asking them to use less. The street cleaners are still hosing debris off the pavements rather than sweeping first, and the public gardens are still watered daily, often with sufficient pressure to wash passing cars as well.
Savings are being made, of course. The plantation owners have been suffering from cuts in supply, frequent enough for some of them to be reduced to watering their fields by bucket – an arduous task in temperatures of over 40*C. Private complexes such as ours have tried to economise by reducing the number of trees in their gardens, so we have had the sad sound of chainsaws.

Despite all this, nature refuses to lie down - there must be some moisture in the air because my bedroom door is sticking.
 The barbed-wire plant has gone from grey to green, the weeds on the abandoned building site look healthy, and even the pepper-tree stumps are trying to grow again.


  1. Well! Well! No pun intended. A thoughtful blog.

  2. And in the UK food prices are set to rise because the harvest has been spoiled through heavy rain. Something is definitely out of synch, and I really hope it sorts itself out soon. It must be hard to save water when so many tourists are using it without thought.

  3. It's so silly that they are cutting supplies to people who really need it (plantation owners) and then wasting it by hosing off pavements! Seems like wherever you go, governments are determined to be bonkers.

    Best of luck to the growers and hope you get some rain soon.

  4. It's been a crazy year weather-wise all over the world, and we are all going to pay in rising food prices. Good to know that the streets will be clean, though...No joined up thinking:no responsibility, just carry on regardless.

  5. You are all right - as L & S say - carry on regardless! If the ubiquitous "They" would only let us run things!!


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