I read in one of our local free papers today the news that at last there is to be a study done on how much sun is good for you.
Skin cancer risk versus the need for Vitamin D.

Apparently Cancer Research UK has recruited seventy-five healthy volunteers to experiment on. They are aged between 18 and 45 and present a range of skin colours from palest pale to darkest black.

A Photobiology Unit in Greater Manchester is to run the study.

The volunteers are going to be exposed to simulated sunlight for short periods, then samples will be taken of their blood and urine and tested for Vitamin D and DNA changes.
Also occasional skin samples to test for DNA changes.
How much sunlight are they going to get each time? Should they be worried?
It would appear not. According to the report I read, the amount will be - and I quote - "equivalent to that of a summer's day in Manchester."
In other words, not much.
That's all right then.


  1. That either sounds very antiManchester or very realistic. Not sure which. I'd like to know the outcome though. I'm sure I don't get enough Vitamin D.

  2. I wouldn't be anti-Manchester! Some of our large family live up there and I have been into the city several times - there is so much to see and do. But even the family admit that Manchester's reputation for rain is justified!

  3. Apparently there's been a rise in ricketts in children caused by a lack of Vitamin D.

    But does that mean we'll all have to spend our summers in Manchester?

    (Actually, that was my life as a kid - even though we lived in Cornwall, we spent summers in Manchester because of family. I envied the people on the motorway driving in the opposite direction!)

  4. Rickets? That's awful! Too much time spent in front of the telly or on Game-boy and not enough outside with a football.

  5. I will stick to the Vitamin D. The sun is not a friend to my head! I live in So. California, desert land.


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