I make no apology for returning to yesterday's subject, and I am about to make a politically incorrect statement, so don't read this is you're likely to be offended.

Arsonists should have to live with the consequences of their crimes.

I live in Tenerife where at least 2000 hectares of beautiful forest are on fire because some blithering idiot set it on fire. Some selfish, thrill-seeking bastards decided it would be fun to watch other people's homes and livelihoods go up in smoke. And make no mistake about it - lives will be lost. Just this afternoon a fire engine crashed on the motorway - one can't help wondering if its driver had been up all night.
The bomberos and military are doing their best while millions of trees explode and die, thousands of birds fall screaming as their feathers burn, thousands of rabbits, lizards and insects bake in a coating of red-hot pine needles.
There are goats that people will not be able to rescue, dogs and cats - some with owners, some feral, all un-deserving of the fate that is racing to overtake them.
I saw the desolation of Masca after fire swept through there five years ago. I shall never forget the weeping shopkeeper who sent me up the stairs to look at his apartment. "I won't come with you, it upsets me too much" he said and I could see why. Televisions melted, his bath like a Dali painting, precious photographs ruined in twisted frames, clothing and furniture just piles of water-soaked ash, and the stink of burned dreams everywhere. It's happening again, now, as I type this.

If you don't read my Facebook page, look at these sites to see the awful pictures and get the latest updates.


  1. We here in the US are having our battles with wildfires as well, some from arson, some from natural causes.

    I used to live in Colorado Springs and still have famil4 & friends there. Over 330 homes were wiped out and over 10,000 people are looking for alternative housing.

    Not to mention the firefighters and volunteers that are put at risk fighting these...my husband is a regular firefighter, not a wildfire one but we understand a lot of what they are dealing with.

  2. Greece also has her share of fires. Most of the time, they are started by arsonists - but it's more 'sinister' there: usually it's by corporations that want to build on land because there is a law that says you cannot build on protected or forested land, but if said land catches on fire or is destroyed by 'natural causes,' then building work is ok.

    Most things are never as strightforward as they seem, and most things have the 'bigger guys' behind them.

  3. I agree with you about arsonists! Here in California, we have had some horrible wildfires, all instigated by arson. So much destruction and loss of life. I am so sorry to hear of your own experiences.

  4. I can never understand what goes on in someone's head to light that first match. Surely they realise how quickly the fire will spread. I hope the fire is controlled soon, and that no human lives are lost - too late for the poor wildlife...

  5. This is so awful, Lizy. I do hope it ends very soon.

  6. Thank you all for your concern. It is now 6pm on Wednesday and reports say they have got most of the blaze either out or under control. Let's hope we don't get a flare-up overnight.

  7. I agree with you Lizzy, and whether that's 'politically incorrect' or not, I don't particularly care. As you say, there are so many victims of these crimes, and none of them deserve it. All because some idiot thought it would be funny, or cool!
    I am glad to see that the fires are now contained and wish you all the best in the recovery.


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