CAMPEONES & Earthquakes.

As you can imagine, last night was not a quiet one here in Tenerife.

It started in the afternoon with children chanting “España!” in the pool. Then one of our neighbours moved his television onto his terrace, lit his barbecue and invited all his friends round. 

 Every bar was bedecked with flags, and the football shirt manufacturers  had obviously done a roaring trade.

A few practice bangers exploded and my cat cowered. She won't allow me to comfort her at times like these - Canarian or not, she hates fireworks - so I built her a tent in her favourite corner and went to my daughter's apartment to watch the match in comfort.
Then there were shouts, screams, fireworks and general rejoicing. Four-nil! I am not a football fan, but the excitement was infectious.

Even the children were dressed up, and this man, his wife and his family were all decked out in Spanish colours.

I did feel sorry for Simone, owner of the lone Italian flag on our block. I found him sharing a drink with a Spaniard, and patted his back in sympathy. “No importa,” he said, but his expression was sad.

And there have been more earthquakes on the island of El Hierro - see its dedicated page on the right..


  1. I'm so glad, quite frankly, that Germany didn't win. I am glad one of the 'supposed' PIIGS countries won and this is great! The atmosphere must have been great!
    I popped out for a gyros (local Greek fast food) when the Germany/Italy match was playing. Everyone in Greece was routing for Italy, the next best thing!
    Bravo Espania!


  2. What a night - wish I had been there. The El Hiero situation must be causing great anxieties for the inhabitants.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun and excitement, except for the part about the earthquakes.

  4. Good match. Glad thay won.

  5. Good match. Glad they won!


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