There I was, sitting in one of my favourite cafes with a cafe con leche and a notebook, when who should fly past my face but this little sparrow.
I have seen him outside many times - Bar Haway is his bar and if you have food he will shout at you till you drop him a crumb, preferably of ham - but I have never before been inside when he has flown in.

He looked up at me and chirped.
"Sorry mate," I said, "I haven't got anything for you."
He flew up to the chair-back to check I was telling the truth,
I didn't realize I had captured a photo with his wings spread till I got home, but I am especially pleased with this one.

Then he hopped down to a chair seat and peered through the table legs at the floor by the counter.

Yes, Julia the waitress hadn't forgotten him - there was his usual chunk of bread.

He helped himself to a beak full, quite unconcerned by the comings and goings, and then took off out of the other door.

He's there every year - the same one, presumably nesting in the same place. I asked Julia if he ever brings his family but she said no, it's just him.

One little gorrion with his personal food source.


  1. At least he didn't attack you. I nearly had my eye taken out by a mental pigeon yesterday.

  2. Great photo of a cute little bird...but, ham? Really? I guess it's probably much tastier than insects :-)

  3. I love the image of you sitting in an outdoor cafe with a cafe con leche. That used to be one of my favorite things to do, and I've gotten out of the habit (silly me).

  4. What a cheeky friendly chap. Nice moment having your coffee.


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