I was shopping in Las Galletas this morning and I could have made half a dozen new friends (or possibly half a dozen pick-ups) because I couldn't get the smile off my face. Even when my mouth was in serious mode, I could feel my eyes were still smiling, and I got a good few smiles back. Maybe I should do it more often.
The reason for my happy mood? I have booked a flight to Canada! My younger son married a Canadian girl two years ago, and after jumping through all the hoops the Canadian Government required, they moved over there last year. Permanently. Which means that to visit them I must get from Tenerife to Toronto.

I could go either via the UK or mainland Spain. Have you ever spent a few hours waiting for a connecting flight in Madrid airport? Not an experience I wish to repeat. So in September I shall go to England to stay with No1 son and get some grandson cuddles, then to Canada to spend a fortnight with No2 son. I have been promised spectacular fall scenery, a visit to Niagara Falls, and a Thanksgiving party in the north. My son's in-laws are a delightful couple who live round the corner, so I shall have company of my own age too. And on top of all that, both of my daughters-in-law have said they are looking forward to seeing me!

It might be 4 months before I go but I am already wondering how to organize my writing. I'll be away for a whole month and I can't imagine not writing for that length of time. What was that I said on my profile? Oh yes - I'm a compulsive writer. The OH accuses me of being addicted to it - he's right.


  1. Four months!! You won't want to return home. Carry on smiling.

  2. I love that picture of you on your blog because of your wonderful smile and so I'm not surprised others want to smile back at you. And now we know why you're smiling. I miss my two kids and they only live about two and a half hours drive away (in opposite directions so we can't move nearer to either as we'd be moving further away from the other!)

    It sounds as if you need to get yourself a little netbook style laptop and then you can write wherever, whenever, because we'll be wanting all the news and photos of that wonderful Canadian fall :-)

  3. That sounds like a great trip. I've always wanted to visit Canada.

    I obviously have an older head than Rosalind, because my suggestion for writing while you're away is a notebook (a real one with paper pages) and she suggested a netbook!

  4. How brilliant! You're going to have a wonderful time, I just know you will.

    Rosalind's advice about a netbook is a good one. I have one that I use when I go away.

    But I also use paper ones too - take both and be prepared!

  5. Lucky you, Liz. I've always wanted to go to Canada and was planning to emigrate there myself at one point.
    I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time.


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