We have another calima - fine dust that blows in from Africa. It reduces visiiblity, sometimes to such an extent that Mt Teide disappears, it clogs up the sinuses, makes the eyes smart, and sends the temperature soaring. On our terrace at ten this morning it was already 36F.
It's not only people that droop in that kind of heat, especially when it descends so suddenly. My morning walk took me past this beautiful jacaranda tree, the blossom from which is already dropping in the heat, creating a mauve carpet.

There was one lone man in the pool at nine o'clock, but by eleven it was full of shrieking children making the most of their fathers' one day off work. This afternoon will probably be the turn of the learners. The locals teach their children to swim before they can walk and ignore their screams. At first I was horrified, but after years of witnessing this method I have seen that it works. Before the season is over they will be diving in without armbands, but the first few weeks are heart-rending to listen to.

And in our garden a cactus is beginning to flower. Last year it managed three flowers at once, but this morning there were six buds. At the moment they are only marble-sized, but I shall take a photo every day to show how they grow. As they say - watch this space!.


  1. Lizy-
    How fun to learn new things...the tree is very lovely! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the cactus bloom!

  2. I shall wait eagerly to see the progress of the cactus flowers!

    This weekend, in my part of the UK, we have been blessed with gorgeous weather - so much, that I ventured outside purposefully to deal with a bit of tidying up and cutting old stuff back. At my daughter's house we attached the moss on her paved patio and hacked back the invasive shrubbery that was obscuring one whole half of her garden pond - that gave the fish a fright!

    We don't quite have your temperatures, but we have been blessed with cloud-free blue skies and sun - and the water-logged ground is starting to dry out! :-)

    Bring on the cactus flowers, I say!

  3. ...erm - that previous post should read 'attacked the moss' - the typo conjures up images of us laying a carpet of moss out on the paving!

  4. Will be watching for the flowers! Stay cool :)

  5. What a beautiful tree. Purple,, and all it's shades is my favourite colour.


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