Here in Tenerife, Labour Day is celebrated on the first of May whatever day of the week it falls on, so today is quiet. There is less traffic noise from the motorway and no sound of children going to school. Which is a pleasant change from last night, when some neighbours had a party till two in the morning. In a block of apartments with a central pool, every sound carries.
So with the A-Z Challenge over we have time to sip a cup of tea, eat an iced bun, and reflect on our next move. Today I am going to pick up my next sewing job and have lunch with a friend in Los Cristianos. Editing my 80,000 word novel begins this afternoon.
If you hear me shout "May Day!" you will all, naturally, rush to help!


  1. I hope you have a nice May day.
    I enjoyed your A-Z blogs.

  2. Now I want a cream bun.
    Happy May Day. :)

  3. The iced bun sounds really nice. I took a nap for my May Day treat...now tomorrow it's back to work on blogging and queries and other such fun.


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