I was on my way into a cafeteria yesterday clutching a file with the next chapter to edit, and who should walk by but my friend Lol.
"Just been to a Health and Safety lecture," she said, "Riveting, it was, absolutely riveting." Her face said differently.
"Tell me all," I said, tucking the file away - a friend in need is more important.
Lol works in an English supermarket, and has done for years. She's so experienced that they sent her to a new store to train the staff. But these courses are compulsory.
"Hours," she said, "Hours of stuff I could do in my sleep, and then .." she took a slurp of coffee and sighed deeply, "... and then we had to have it all over again translated into Spanish."
"How many of the staff speak Spanish?" I asked, knowing Lol doesn't.
"Two - and they speak English as well."
Well, we DO live abroad.


  1. Ugh! And they never say anything new in these things either! I feel very sorry for your friend.

    I once sat through half an hour learning how to pick up a box in the right way. Trouble is, I work in a gym - we pick things up differently. We deadlift and teach people using weights to deadlift too, so that was half an hour completely wasted.

  2. That makes for a very long day. I hope your editing was more fun!

  3. That gets an Ugh! from me, too.

  4. Hope you get your editing done!


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