This was the sight today outside the local church after morning Mass for Dia de las Madres.
Along the seafront, on the beach, and in every cafe I saw more family groups, with mothers the centre of attention on Spanish Mothers' Day.
The florist was open and doing a roaring trade in huge showy bouquets, young men were buying bottles of wine and chocolates, and I saw a grey-haired man sitting with his even greyer-haired mother on a bench under a tree.

From our terrace at two-thirty there is an all-pervading smell of barbecues, and the sound of music behind the clatter of dishes and chatter of voices, as families convene for a lengthy lunch.

The mothers probably run round after their families for the other 364 days of the year - they might even have prepared most of today's food - but having them all gathered together must be lovely.

Feliz Dia de Madre a todos!


  1. My Mum 'went' 13 years ago but happy memories remain vivid. My brother & I have flowers placed in 'her' church on each anniversary. Mum being a life long 'church person' is remembered each year on 'All Saints Day' when the faithful pray for the souls of those departed.


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