CALIMAS blow in from Africa and can be as insubstantial as mist or thick as a CLOTH. CLOUDS can flow down the mountain like treacle over a pudding, or CLIMB as the sun heats the ground. It can be difficult sometimes to tell the difference between cloud and calima until the sinuses fill up with CATARRH. Then it’s a calima. The last one must have had a nasty African virus stuck to its sand-grains because I've had a CATASTROPHIC CHEST infection and hacking COUGH for two weeks. Yet still I managed to keep up the blogs – I hope you’re impressed.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CALLED in at the CANARIES on his way to America, and the history books tell us that he picked up supplies. What most of them fail to mention is that he also COMMANDEERED some slaves, so when Spain CELEBRATES Columbus Day, we have Dia de Canarias. To the English it is ironic that the Spanish port named after him is Puerto COLON.

The CONQUISTADORES didn’t get everything their own way, though. There are CUEVAS (CAVES) all over the island, many of them almost inaccessible, and the locals who lived in them waged guerrilla warfare against the invaders for years.
Many caves are still used for storage, primarily of wine and CAVA, the local CHAMPAGNE. Some are still inhabited, with walls at the front, extra rooms CARVED out at the back, electricity and water installed.
I heard of one family who lived for years in a cave with a ladder as the only access - imagine CARRYING the shopping home!

And of course, no C would be COMPLETE without mentioning CARNAVAL – that month of madness that CULMINATES in a parade of COSTUMES so vast that only the strongest can wear them. The buses fill up with transvestites as the macho males reveal their feminine side, the CRUZ ROJA sets up a tent hospital in Santa Cruz, and every COLEGIO has its own COLOURFUL parade.


  1. I loved this post with all its clouds and congestions, conquistadors and carnivals. I AM impressed you have kept up with your posts. Very nicely done.

  2. Great use of words beginning with C, and very educational. I've heard about those caves.
    And yes. I'm impressed that you manage to continue with your cough.

  3. Wow, great job at collaborating all those C words! :)

  4. wow Liz, you're really getting in to the swing of this alphabet challenge aren't you? Hope the chest infection clears up soon for you x

  5. Another very descriptive blog Liz. I love the idea about the idea of an African virus attached to the dust particles. I have experienced 3 severe chest infections since Xmas & they were all directly linked to the Calimas. Two weeks back in the UK & I still have some significant remnants of the wheeze & cough but am improving daily. No dust here but it's so cold.

  6. I love all of the Cs! This was fantastic. And I especially love Caves and Carnavals :D

  7. Great C post. I learned some new things. :)


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