March 24th was my birthday, and was also the day I smoked my last cigarette.

This photo of the OH shows how we had to dress up last December in Derbyshire just for a smoke - thermal hat, fleece jacket, the lot!

After smoking for about 75% of the last 50 years (pregnancy and breast-feeding intervened on occasions, and I actually gave up once for some years) I shall need all the encouragement and/or nagging you care to dish out.

And there's no point in mentioning the savings - my cigarettes out here only cost 10.50 euros for 200!


  1. Well done, Liz - keep it up! It's great when you begin to notice the improving sense of taste and smell.And growing fitness.

  2. Philip Mallinson29/03/2012, 18:18

    Keep it up Liz, it's definitely worth it.


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