MOTIVATION (Or told you I was ill)

My motivation seems to have done a runner and all creative writing activity in this house has been on hold for a couple of weeks, so naturally I was starting to obsess. Then I listed possible reasons in order of occurrence.
1. The dentist said I needed work costing E2000. Yelp! Raided savings and managed to find half, borrowed the other half, handed over cash, and then endured two sessions each lasting several hours. More to come this week.
2. Sent off A Strange Adoption to two Book Prize Competitions by mistake, and wasted time worrying. Then I realized that being short-listed once would be a miracle - reaching the finals twice is as likely as my grey hair spontaneously reverting to brown.
3. Submitted Helter-Skelter to an agent and received a request for the whole MS. Ecstatic! Then spent several days convinced I hadn't edited out all the errors, then I worried about it failing again, and then I got tense about it succeeding.
4. A friend arrived for a week of R&R which meant the OH invaded my bedroom/study to leave the spare room free, and the OH snores all night and always has a siesta which is often my best time to work.
5. A sore throat crept up on me, turned into a raging fever and hacking cough. Got out of bed to celebrate my birthday watching turtles released, which was lovely but marred by the friend forgetting his hat and spending the whole time lurking and shivering in the shade. Went out for a nice meal but not much appetite. Doggy bag gratefully received by starving neighbour.
6. This morning the doctor confirms I have a chest infection and gives me cough medicine and antibiotics to deal with my that AND with the urinary infection that was revealed by the results of a test done 2 weeks ago.
Told you I was ill.
Two doses of meds later I am feeling a bit better and much more positive. The OH has finished his siesta, and I have time to polish up a 750 word story and transfer my scribbled notes to my Ideas File before the friend takes us out for dinner - he flies home tomorrow.
Now where did I put that "to do" list?

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  1. Oh dear - sorry you've got all those medical/dental problems. I hope that by having them all together you'll soon have a long period with none at all.

    Brilliant news about Herlter Skelter though - fingers crossed.

    Oh and just to add to things - you've been tagged! Details are over on my blog.


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