I've been grinning all morning!
I grinned at the waiter who served my cafe con leche on the seafront, and at the intrepid sunbathers on Las Galletas beach as I walked past in my cardigan.
I smiled at the Guardia Civil who were checking cars for current ITV badges at Palm Mar roundabout. (That's the local equivalent of MOT)
The man selling bananas from a huge bunch in the back of his tiny car got a smile, as did the African woman sailing slowly over the zebra crossing in her splendid Sunday best.
I grinned at Miguel when I paid for a few lonchas de beicon and a panito for my lunch. Dammit - I nearly kissed the cat!
And the cause of all this excitement?
My story was short-listed in a Writing Magazine competition!
No prize, no photo in the magazine, just my name at the end of a list (hopefully only at the end because my surname is Young)
One very small step, you may think, but it's a giant leap for me.


  1. It's a great feeling isn't it. Well done!
    Wearing a cardigan? You lucky thing, it's cold and wet here I hate it!

  2. Congrats!

    What was the mag? What was the story?

    1. Hi Baggy - Writing Magazine - the one we get Talkback on. And you'll find my story on my blog under My Writing - a new page!

  3. Congratulations! Is that in the March issue?

    1. Thanks Patsy - April issue. I've only just got my copy out here in the wilds of Tenerife!

  4. Well done Liz, and to lay your fears at rest, yes, you were only last on the list for alphabet's sake!

  5. Brilliant! Congratulations!


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