I'm a sun!

I offered to do a favour for a Spanish friend yesterday and she said, "Gracias, Liz, eres un sol". I presume that's the Spanish equivalent of  "You're a star." I do love languages!

I also like strange-looking plants. This one was an anonymous two-inch cutting a year ago and is now covered in orange bell flowers. Apart from the fact that it's a succulent I have no idea what it's called, but isn't it pretty?


  1. Eres un sol means you are a sun. I didn't know that was the equivalent. Estrella is star.
    Have you learnt much Spanish since living there?

    1. Maybe I didn't make myself clear - I know eres un sol means you're a sun! It's just that the English would say "You're a star". Yes, I have learned quite a lot of Spanish. I'm not fluent, but I speak it well enough to have Spanish friends, to shop properly, and to cope with health issues and officialdom.


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