NO!! They can't get rid of it!
My childhood was spent looking up any question Pa couldn't answer in one of those huge books.
Pa bought the set - no doubt on the never-never - with a made-to-measure bookcase. Anything we (or he) wanted to know we would look up in the Enc. Brit. Yes, it was so much part of our lives that it had a nickname in our house. You could sit with a lovely red volume on your lap and leaf through, coming across all kinds of information you didn't know you wanted until you saw it.
I know the internet is quicker, but Google can't hope to match the Enc. Brit..


  1. It dies seem a shame, but I suppose that in order to hold enough information they now have to be so big and expensive they're just not practical.

    1. I know, I know! The practicalities of it make sense - mine was just a gut reaction to the loss of a chunk of my childhood!

  2. Quite agree Patsy. It's very sad, but they just don't belong to the modern era.

  3. My husband clings to his Oxford English Dictiomary, which takes up yards of bookcase and has writing so tiny you need a magnifying glass. Old habits die hard...


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