HEN PARTY - reprising a 100 word story


Why this story? you may ask. Because I'm off to Tenerife with my daughters and granddaughter for a week, and we might see some bright lights while we're there. Also because we fly out at the crack of dawn tomorrow and I haven't finished packing! So here's one I wrote earlier - three years earlier, to be exact. Hope it meets with approval.
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Six of us flew to Tenerife for Leanne’s hen do. The apartment was pretty basic, but it didn’t matter because we were out every night.
In one night-club this creepy bloke bought us all drinks, and when we staggered home in the pitch dark he tried to kiss me. Eeuuw!
He pinned me against a palm-tree – I still remember his long pointed teeth – but then the moon came out like a spotlight, there was a horrible screech, and a black shape flapped up into the tree. When I looked round, the bloke had just vanished.
A real weirdo, that one!


SOUL MUSIC - flash fiction in only 60 words


She only stopped playing when her arthritis forced her to, but she still dusted the keys and polished every inch each week.
The piano-tuner still came regularly too. I remember his dog would sit underneath – a gentle creature.
Then the day after her funeral her husband banished me to the shed.
Obviously he doesn’t realise a piano has a soul.
This week's photograph by Anshu is so sad, and my story was written in five minutes - truly flash fiction! 


BIKER CAT - one hundred words for Friday Fictioneers


Fernando always parked his bike beside his house, out of sight of potential thieves. The engine-warmed seat was Morena’s favourite place, but she usually jumped off when Fernando rattled his keys.

Not that day. She refused to budge, even digging her claws into the leather when he tried to push her off. He laughed indulgently. “All right, five more minutes while I fetch my football kit.”

He returned with his kit bag just in time to see emergency vehicles race past towards the motorway. If he’d left two minutes earlier he’d have been in that pile-up.
I'm a firm believer in animal's ESP instincts - are you?
Either way, I hope you enjoy my story - please leave a comment if you can before you go to read other stories via https://rochellewisoff.com/  Thanks to CEAyr for the photograph - which reminded me of Tenerife where I lived for 15 years. I am due to return there this month for a short visit to catch up with old friends - and to celebrate a birthday. I am much too old to have them but hey! who cares?