Advent Calendar Day Thirteen

Today's challenge for me is two-fold: firstly to give a character a weird name and write a story to match: secondly to post my story using my tablet because i am on Nanny duty and didn't bring my laptop with its keyboard. 
I have a valid excuse for my absent-mindedness. Today my third novel goes live on Amazon 😁 Look for Wolf Pack by Liz Young. It is the second in my Living Rock series, an adventure set in prehistory. 
Now for my story, written after putting my three-year-old granddaughter to bed. 

Give A Man A Name

It was the cruellest of throw-away remarks - "Look at you, all dressed up like a dog's dinner! " - and it stripped away Rob's thin veneer of self-confidence. He didn't get the job he'd spruced himself up for.
His fall into the gutter was swift - one hit and he was hooked. To his fellow squatters he was known as Chum - although until he knew you well you had to call him Pedigree.


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