WASHER - a story in 100 words

This week's story is a short kitchen sink drama - a warning ahead of Christmas to be careful what you say!
Thanks as always to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers on her own blog  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/  and also for the photo - I wonder if that's her own kitchen?  Follow the Bloe Frog trail from her blog to read other takes on the ptompt.

“That tap’s driving me mad,” Julie complained, plonking toast on Andy’s plate and pouring mugs of tea.
“I said I’d fix it after the match,” he growled, “Stop bloody nagging.”
“It’s dripped for weeks,” Julie protested, “But everything has to wait for your precious football.”
Andy’s fist shot out and scalding tea soaked Julie’s sleeve. She rushed to the sink for cold water but the tap came off in her hand, and as the flood spread Andy yelled, “Fetch my tools!”
Julie ran to the door, only pausing to throw the electric toaster into the rapidly growing pool around his feet.


SCANDAL - a 100 word story


The scandal broke on Tuesday and whizzed around the town at the speed of sound. Sandra from Glebe Close was having it off with Dave Wilson, and there were photographs on Facebook as proof.

This was infinitely more exciting than the recent speculation about the parrot that had been spotted flying around in erratic circles, and the flood of calls to the animal rescue centre dwindled to a trickle as people discussed the latest Glebe Close developments with shocked delight.

Who had taken the photographs was a complete mystery – until the parrot drone crashed into the plate-glass window of the supermarket.
Thanks to Rochelle who hosts Friday Fictioneers on her blog  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ and this week to Luther Siler for the photograph that prompts my story and scores of others, which you will find if you follow the Blue Frog trail on Rochelle's site.


EMAIL TO THE BUILDER - 100 word story

EMAIL to HYDDEN HOLMES : Our ref: New Build No:3847
We are in receipt of your final invoice for the above property, which we will only settle when you have completed the work to our satisfaction.

Your architectural drawings showed an idyllic rural setting, not this urban wasteland in the shadow of high-rise offices, and the admittedly well-constructed underground dwelling is ruined by the stench of sewage which indicates a serious malfunction in the extraction system.

The major problem is with the access. In view of recent world events, we ordered the Deluxe version with concealed entrance which, from the attached photograph, it is clear you have failed to deliver.


Yet another swiftly-written story, prompted by the photo taken by Roger Bultot and posted on Rochelle's blog  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/  for Friday Fictioneers.  To read how other writers interpreted the photo, follow the Blue Frog trail on her blog.