MISSING MAVIS - a 100 word story

Friday Fictioneers is the brainchild of Rochelle - go to her blog to follow the Blue Frog trail and read other writer's takes on the photograph below.  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/
The following story is what the picture prompted me to write.


David put his pint down half-finished. “Fetch your instruments, lads.”
“What – on a Sunday?”
“Just get them – I have a feeling.”
David’s intuition was seldom wrong so they knocked back their own drinks and trooped out to the park.

When the last note faded away into the night air they heard sobbing, and David found an elderly man sitting on a bench. “You all right, sir?”
“I courted Mavis by that bandstand.” The old man squared his shoulders and confessed, “I was going to the river until your music brought me to my senses. May I buy you a drink?”

I have entered the lists for the April A-Z Challenge - to blog every day for a month (with Sundays off) using the letters of the alphabet as a guide. My chosen subject is Tenerife, with lots of photographs and my own, slightly skewed, point of view.
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A-Z CHALLENGE 2015 - Theme Reveal

The A-Z CHALLENGE is the brain child of Arlee Bird (an American, which might explain it!) and since its inception in 2010 has become an annual event for bloggers world-wide.

I and my fellow bloggers plan to blog every day throughout April, except Sundays, with the letters of the alphabet as our prompt - A-F in the first week, G-L the second week and so on.
It sounds simple if you say it quickly. It isn't. This is my third year and I know by now that the only way to survive is to choose a theme and to prepare in advcance. Winging it isn't an option - keeping up the momentum for a month would be impossible.

So my theme for 2015 is ...... 

*cue drumroll* .....

After fifteen years living in Tenerife we are planning to return to England and to our families. If we succeed in moving, this will be my last A-Z Challenge as lizy-expat-writer, therefore my theme chose itself.

Come with me on a nostalgic and off-beat tour around the beautiful volcanic island we have learned to love.
I hope you can stay the course with me, commenting along the way to encourage me, and please feel free to explore the rest of my blog - there are a few 100-word stories you might enjoy.
Here are some photos of a Tenerife sunrise to start us off.



FAMILY TRADITIONS - a story in 100 words


“Do we have to go?”
“I’ve made the picnic already.”
“Bacon butties?” Matilda was ready in minutes, but as they unloaded the pickup in the copse she asked, “Why do we do this, Mum?”
“Family traditions are important,” Tabitha said, “Every spring we restock the log store and each Hallowe’en we have a barbecue to end the year.”
“But other people use our wood – that’s not fair.”
“It keeps the place alive – now eat your sandwich while it’s hot.”

Matilda’s seven-times-great-grandmother smiled.
They’d burned her home with her inside, but a witch’s blood is stronger than fire.




Their shoes crunching on frosty grass, the boys followed the trail of footprints.
“Bet they’re George’s,” said Harry, “He always gets there first.”
“Teacher’s pet,” sneered Paul, then stopped. “What’s that?”
“A tree stump, stupid.”
“It wasn’t there yesterday.”
They eyed the hunched shape warily.
“It could be a dead cow,” Paul suggested.
“Wrong colour,” said Harry, “Maybe a tramp?”
“Too big.”
“Kick it and see.”
“You can if you want – it freaks me out.”
They ran past, giving the hump a wide berth.

The ogre sighed philosophically.
There’d be others less timid and besides, he was still full of George.
This week's prompt had me squinting at the screen muttering, "What's that?" hence my story. 
I must thank Rochelle for posting the photo and for hosting Friday Fictioneers where many other writers have interpreted it differently. Follow the Blue Frog trail on her blog.


TEA, NO SUGAR - a story in 100 words.


Steve was building a fence to stop old Mrs Williams sticking her nose in their business, and after a while Lisa brought him a mug of tea.
He gulped a mouthful, spluttered, “Stupid bitch - no sugar!” and swung his fist, forgetting the hammer until it was too late.

Steve acted on instinct. He drove into the forest and buried Lisa’s body deep, then went home and finished the fence.
He told Mrs Williams Lisa had run away but she suspected otherwise. So did the police.

Two months later the spores he’d carried home on his boots put him in jail.


 This story was prompted by the image, which was posted for Friday Fictioneers by  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/  You can read dozens more stories by following the Blue Frog link on her blog.
My daughter-in-law would be able to tell whether these are edible or not - reading some of the other stories this week, nobody else seems certain!