It's been hot week on The Rock with temperatures up in the 30s - just when we thought it was safe to turn off the fans and get out the blankets!
Unfortunately the heat also tempted people to take risks in the sea, and an elderly man became the eighth drowning victim of the season.

On Saturday morning the sunrise was gin-clear and the Tenerife branch of the Royal British Legion's Poppy Launch party was hot hot hot.
We raised 375 euros with our efforts, so it was, as they say, worth the sweat!

but this morning there is cloud and a hint - not a promise, mind you, just a hint - of rain to come.

Many locals would welcome it - looking at these cat-tail grasses and succulents releasing their feathery seeds into the atmosphere, it's no wonder we're all sneezing!

And of course, Hallowe'en is almost upon us. It took me aback to stumble upon this sight in a Chinese emporium in Las Galletas - a nasty reminder of the dreadful murder in a similar shop a couple of years ago.

I bought a witch's cloak - much more suitable at my age - and a huge bag of sweets for the trick-or-treaters.
 Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. Love the photographs Lizy, especially the 'clouds of promise'. What a wonderful title for a short story :) I'll get right to it. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I believe your Pa was a wise man. I'll use his words (the English version) as my daily mantra :)

  2. Thanks Nicola - I'll look forward to reading that story!

  3. I've just asked our rain to pay you a visit. I'm not sure it was listening but at least I tried.

    1. Thanks Patsy - are you sure you can spare it?

  4. Well done for raising so much money. Since the clocks went back we feel that winter is just round the corner, but the temperatures for October have been comparatively balmy in the UK.

    1. So i hear, Maggie - I hope they stay that way because we're going over in two weeks for my mother's 90th birthday.


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