LAS GALLETAS  seafront road is too narrow for the traffic that uses it. There isn't really room for the cars that park by the beach, and meeting a Titsa bus coming the other way can be nerve-wracking.
A couple of years ago the road was closed sporadically for months while the Cabildo installed vast pipes to take the local sewage out to sea. They even used gravel and stones from the beach to create a very dodgy-looking temporary pier on which the heavy diggers teetered dangerously.
When the pipes had gone beyond the harbour the beach was reformed, but Man cannot match Nature.

Last year's floods washed the beach back into the sea and destabilised the sea wall. They repaired it.

Then last week we had big seas, even inside the harbour, and the beach vanished again, along with some of the pavement and a bit of road. We had to drive the long way round or park in El Fraile and walk.

 This was the scene on Thursday morning - you can see El Fraile beyond the palm trees in the background of the second photograph. It looked to me as if workmen needed to drive pilings into the beach to shore the road up safely, which would mean months more work at Tenerife speed. 

But yesterday the traffic was flowing smoothly again and a neat patch of tarmac covered everything. This was unprecedented! What had happened? I came home and looked up Arona's calendar of events and the answer was staring me in the face. 

A football match - today at 6pm - in the Sports Centre in El Fraile. 


  1. Just goes to show what they can do if it's deemed 'necessary'! Glad your road is repaired now anyway.

    1. Well, there were four workmen, and every man in Tenerife is a football fan! We're just hoping the repair holds up to the winter storms.

  2. Didn't realise you'd had such stormy weather. Almost like being in dear old England! Typical that a football match gave them the 'kick up the rear' that they needed.

    1. We're 100k off the coast of west Africa, and there's nothing but the Atlantic Ocean until you hit South America. Quite a lot of the hurricanes they get over there start here as tropical storms. We're usually OK unless one turns round and comes back!


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