This is a rose bush. It sits in the community garden where everyone can walk past it and admire its beautiful deep red, velvety roses. Look - see the roses?
Ah - that's a shame - they've gone. Well, they were lovely while they lasted. Two days ago they were 24 hours from perfection - everyone who walked past said they were waiting with bated breath for their brief splendour .. but then .. someone stole them!
This has been the fate of every rose bud for the past two years, but only once has the culprit been spotted actually taking one. I was so mad this time that I put a poster on all the entrance doors. Complete with the above photo it said, in Spanish,
"Al Ladron/a - To the Thief. Yesterday there were four red roses for everyone to enjoy - today, nothing. Do not steal more. There are people at every window."

Then the post lady came, and while I was talking to her I saw, through the suspect's open door, a little vase containing two deep red roses. I got my camera and took a photo as proof, and it's just as well I did. An hour later, when we got home, her door was still open but the vase had gone. I hope she is trembling in her bed.


  1. Aren't some people mean? If they want flowers to cut, they should plant their own!

    I hope that your message got through :)

  2. That's not fair but do take care. You don't want to get drawn into feuds over a few flowers. They might just mean something very special to the lady.

  3. To quote a saying I've heard for years "It's the principle of the thing!" Stealing roses? I wonder if she steals anything else.
    This is my first time to visit your blog....I love it. -Di

  4. Oh, how maddening.

    I have had plants completely dug up from my garden. It not only made me suspect every neighbor, but it made me lose interest in tending the garden.


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