I've got there at last. Two months ago I embarked on yet another rewrite of
A Volcanic Race, the first book I ever wrote, and I have finished it! This is not the final version, of course, but the novel is now in much better shape - leaner and faster-paced.
I wish I could say the same about myself as I pack for two weeks in England, where I shall be trying to keep up with my two grandsons. Yes, I know the weather's bad, but I've been missing my family.

"WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW". This is sound advice, which I have chosen to ignore in A Volcanic Race. 
      I have never been to Africa, the continent on which I based some of my imaginary country. I have read books about it, seen National Geographic documentaries by the score, and made pages of research notes, but the nearest I have been is where I live now - Tenerife, a hundred miles off the west coast of Africa. We get the same searing heat in high summer, and some of the same plants, but the largest wild animal we have in Tenerife is the feral goat. So my imagination is free to roam.
Or so you would think.
The volcanic landscape of my adopted island inspired this novel, but despite my flights of fancy I have a strong streak of common sense which anchors me to logic. I created this imaginary country and its inhabitants, yet once I have taken that “What if?” leap into my fantasy world, within that framework I must remain consistent. It can be extremely annoying when I want a character to do something and my logical demon pops up saying “No – that won’t work.”
           But what can I do? One day my story - and the other books in the series - may reach a bookshop near you, and you'd be bound to notice if I made an error in logic, wouldn't you?


  1. I read somewhere that all fantasy and science fiction needs rules - the author can make up the rules, but then has to adhere to them, because the reader will know. So it sounds like you're doing good. Congratulations on finishing!! Here's to the next draft :-)

  2. Well done, Liz. I look forward to seeing it in print.

  3. Congratulations, Liz! Must be great to get to the end and know that you've improved it. I ran out of steam with my own effort and never reached the end. I'm back at the start now, building up momentum. Hopefully it'll get me all the way through.

    Best of luck with the next stage.

    1. Well done for getting another step along the road to success!

      I hope our rotten weather in the UK won't spoil your visit - pack plenty of woollies! ;-p


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