Yes, it's a slice of cake. A sponge cake, to be exact. Not much to look at, I grant you, but in its own small way a triumph.

My son-in-law has discovered he has a gluten allergy, which means no bread, no biscuits, and definitely no cake. He was fed up - or not, depending on how you define the words "fed up".

Then I found this recipe for an Italian Rice Cake, which is basically a thick boiled rice pudding to which you add eggs, citrus zest, raisins and some Cointreau and then bake.
Alan was ecstatic.

And it has just occurred to me that somewhere in my notes I have a recipe for Chocolate Swiss Roll that only uses egss, sugar, cocoa powder and cream. I shall have to try that next week.


  1. He should be able to eat eggs and macaroons, I think? If it's just wheat gluten that's the problem then flapjacks would be OK.

  2. Ooh, could you post the recipe, or send it to me? My mum has coeliac, and I'm hosting her at Christmas, this would be ideal!

  3. No biscuits! I'd be so sad without by biscuits and gravy for Saturday morning breakfast.

    I'd never heard about gluten allergies and gluten-free diets until fairly recently. Is it something that's only cropped up recently?

    A Faraway View

  4. Annalisa - scanned and emailed, Hope you can read it. Couldn't post because it's out of a recent magazine!
    Lee - I think a lot of food intolerances have only recently been analyzed - they say many people diagnosed with IBS are simply allergic to some foods.

  5. Lee, my mum was diagnosed in 1998 - it was a lot less common then, but they definitely knew there was a problem 10-15 years before that. It's actually very common in Italy, where pasta is a staple.

  6. One of my writing crit group has a wheat allergy. When we get together we always have cake and there are several recipes used (none by me, I just eat it) but they're based in either ground almonds instead of flour or Dove Flour which is wheat free. Not sure if it's available where you are but I expect there's an alternative of some sort.


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