I have emailed two submissions today.
A Strange Adoption - the book a professional critic said is "an extremely readable novel" - has gone in one direction, and A Volcanic Race - the first of my fantasy series - has gone in another.

Now all I can do is wait.

Or maybe not. I am halfway through re-writing Helter-Skelter in the hope that the agent who expressed an interest will give it another chance.

And then there is this blog, which seems to have lost all but a couple of followers.
Is there anyone there???

In case anyone is still following my ramblings, here is a photo of a wild flower I saw this morning. I have no idea what it is - it has some mean-looking spiky seed-cases for such a delicate flower.

Don't you agree?


  1. Good luck and you're quite right. You don't now sit back and wait. Is any other industry as slow as the publishing one? Love the flower but I don't know what it is. And in answer to your query on my blog, no it wasn't in the 40s here, more like 25ish but I am a sensitive gel!

  2. Best of luck with those submissions!

  3. Thank you Ros and Ron, and Debbie - I hope you're enjoying them both.

  4. I'm still here - I'm just getting used to the kids being at home for the summer and to the sun actually shining!

    Good luck with your submissions. I've got my fingers crossed for you :-)

  5. Thanks annalisa - I knew you were there - it's the other 40 I wonder about!

  6. Let's see if this works today!
    Good luck with those MS!

  7. Yay it worked!

  8. Good Luck with your submission, Liz, you deserve a break.

    I'm not sure if it works the same way, but I find that my cross stitch sales drop off over the summer months as lots of people are off on holiday. Maybe it's the same with blog readers. Things tend to pick up again in September when the kids have gone back to school.

  9. Thanks for the crossed fingers, Shirley and Nel. I think too that the falling -off of comments could be due to the holidays. I shall keep posting when the mood takes me and see what happens.

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  11. Good luck with those submissions, Liz. Hope all the hard work gets the 'yes' you deserve.
    (jenthom72 from Talkback)

  12. I'm here! And enjoying your posts, as always. Good luck with the submissions - will keep my fingers crossed for you too!

    (Sweetpea on Talkback)


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