Okay - this is the only full-length photo of me I could find in a hurry - taken in England last year by my grandson. My hair is now longer, though still with its natural grey highlights, but I look much the same. Except that I have put on a kilo and a half since I gave up smoking.

This month I have been wearing dresses because it's summer, but my black handbag doesn't look good with summer dresses, so today I was browsing for another. I reckoned I could treat myself as my trip to the dentist cost me nothing!
I looked at the price ticket - 27 euros - and shook my head. The trader pounced. I explained that I was a writer and needed a bag large enough to take my A5 notebook. He took the bag I admired inside the shop and extracted the paper stuffing. We tried the notebook, which fitted. 
I said "Not enough pockets." The price dropped by three euros. I said I would think about it, The price dropped another three euros. I walked to the door. "Give me eighteen euros," he said. At least he hadn't mentioned a wife and six starving children. "All right," I agreed - it's a pretty bag.
As I was getting my purse out we got chatting and this young man - well, 40ish anyway - patted my tummy gently and asked, "Baby?" I fell about laughing. He frowned. "I'm a grandmother," I said. He smiled and changed the subject.
As I was walking back to my car I wondered whether to be flattered or hurt. He'd already made the sale, so presumably it wasn't flattery, yet did I really look young enough to be pregnant? It would be nice to think so.
But it was probably the dress, which falls in tiers from the waist - nice and cool in Tenerife heat.
Hence the question - does my tum look big in this?


  1. Ooh - I'd go for the compliment option, definitely... and not think too deeply about the other option :-)

  2. What a hoot - that comment. Best to take the positive view.

    It's very dangerous for any man to comment on a ladies' figure but as I am currently 2000 miles away I feel fairly safe. "You look good - so enjoy the compliment".

  3. I don't smoke so I can't use that as an excuse but I have to own up to having a tummy akin to 5 months gone. I'm afraid it's an age thing. As for that comment, it must surely have been a compliment.

  4. Good advice, Annalisa, and thanks Maurice! Ros - you're right, I'm afraid - it is an age thing - it's just that I'm reluctant to give in and stop trying. My mother went from slim to fat in her 60s and the thought of following in her footsteps appalls me!

  5. Oh, my! He's lucky you have a good sense of humor.


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