Just to cheer you up - this is one of the many flame trees I see on my morning walks. It's amazing how putting one foot in front of the other clears the mind, and today, as well as untangling a bit of plot, I made the decision to indulge in a spot of surgery.
  When the A-Z Challenge came along I was fairly new to blogging, and I was enthusiastic enough to sign up for it. Great fun it was too, most of the time, though there were moments when I thought otherwise!
One of its attractions - and let's be brutally honest here - was the promise of more followers. I started out with 10 and ended up with 40, so they were right about that.
 I also found some blogs I wanted to follow, and have checked on them regularly ever since, but half of them seem to have ground to a halt. 
So today, with surgical precision, I cut the list of blogs I follow in half. Two of those who only post occasionally I have kept because when they write it's always worth reading - the others have gone. I doubt they will even notice my absence.
Now I shall concentrate on proper writing for a while, and maybe, when I've got this damn book sorted out, I shall find the time to look for other blogs to follow.


  1. I need to do that, just to make my blog list look less daunting.

    That photo is really lovely.

  2. I blogged a few weeks ago about the same thing. I follow a lot of blogs on a wide variety of topics. I am slowly paring it down to those that I want to read regularly. (Yours is one....).

    My problem whenever I delete one, I seem to add two. LOL!

  3. Oh, forgot to tell you how much I love that photo!

  4. Ruthless, Helen? Bogged off is more like it!
    Annalisa - it's got to be done - go for it - join the revolution!
    Donna - thank you for the vote of confidence, and yes, isn't the flame tree gorgeous!

  5. A sensible decision Liz! I cull regularly on FB - which is my blog. Communication is two way. To enjoy other's blogs one must contribute otherwise one becomes a 'watcher'. Blogging does carry a responsibilty to be lucid, interesting and 'regular'.

    I always enjoy your blogs Liz.

  6. I pruned back a whole ago ( but you're still on my list, Lizy! ;-p) - family circumstances have curtailed my blogging adventures (bereavement, terminal and chronic illnesses) but I try to look in when I can!
    Good look with your book, Lizy ! ;-)

  7. You are right, Maurice - Facebook is another one I have culled. Too many silly photos from internet sites.

    Sue H - sorry to hear about your troubles. I know people have all sorts of reasons for gaps in their blogging - I shall be taking a month off in the autumn for a UK/Canada trip to visit far-flung family.

  8. Thanks for the cheery picture.

    Lists (of all kinds) need regular pruning, just like trees!

  9. Jenny - I wish there was en easier way to prune my "to do" list!

  10. I've been lacking in posts this past week, but I have been working hard and am drafting a post as we speak lol.

  11. Nel darling - it wasn't a threat! :D

  12. Hi Liz, loved the plant. We went out yesterday and happened upon a village where all the hydrangeas are a startling blue - they are a Brittany speciality, but the ones in our garden are resolutely pink.
    I didn't blog for a while, due to pressures of DIY shopping and planning and installing of the new kitchen - couldn't get my head into blog mode, whilst trying to keep up with the story writing too. Thanks for keeping me on your list!

  13. Beautiful plant, Liz, I can see how it gets its name. I agree that doing a bit of a cull every now and then is a good thing. I did that a while back but may have to do another prune - but you can be sure yours will definitely survive the chop! :)


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