This is so weird!
I checked traffic sources on my blog for the first time ever, and saw one Google site that had me puzzled. "Hedgehog eating" it said, so I clicked on it. Someone must have entered "Hedgehog eating worm" into Google Images and  been referred to my blog because I wrote a poem about Harris the Hedgehog and posted it on my Little Poems for Toys page, with a drawing.
Well bless my old boots! It just goes to show that, when writing a blog post, you should never forget that anyone might read it.

I might not blog quite so often over the next nine days - my younger daughter and her husband arrive later today for a much-needed holiday. The bed is made up, the apartment is sparkling, the terrace is swept, and I'm about to go shopping to fill the fridge.
We are looking forward to walks on the beach, drives up the mountain, a coach trip or two, and of course a few meals out.
Roll on this evening!


  1. Have a wonderful time with your family! My house is going to be busy with family traveling here to Norway soon as well.

  2. Hope you have a lovely time together!

  3. I hope you make the most of your time together. I can just imagine wiggling my toes in the sand while I walk beside a loved-one.

  4. Oh, Liz, hope you have a fabulous time! And isn't it nice to have a sparkling house and no need to do any housework for a while!

  5. Have great time Liz! Blog the happy news for us.

  6. Spending time with family is something we should all do more of. Enjoy!

  7. The traffic sources to my blog always amuse me!

    Enjoy your family time.

  8. traffic sources are very amusing, aren't they. I often follow some bizarre combination of words and always wonder, What were they thinking?

    Have fun with family. That is special!


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