Jumper for a tree!

Photograph of a tree in New Mills, High Peaks, Derbyshire. Christmas 2011.
Dressed by a group called "Phantom Knitters".
Totally mad, of course, and no-one but an Englishwoman would contemplate it - or would they?

My stepdaughter organized a "Railing Wrap" where anyone could weave strips of cloth through the iron railings around the town. Some people wrote messages on strips of sheeting, others used scarves or fabric torn from garments. Some wraps were done publicly, some clandestinely, and my SD photographed them all.

See her website "Unmade in England" which concentrates on recycling fabric for art.


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  2. I used to love knitting and made lots of things. Perhaps I will try it again.
    Hope this comment works!

    1. He Shirley - yes, the comment worked. Which tree do you propose to dress up warm for the winter?

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    1. Hello Baggy! Tried to put a reply on "Friend connect" but it wouldn't let me in despite telling me I have already joined with my Yahoo account. Wish I was more tech-savvy!

  4. I'm not that daring with the knitting- yet. :-)

  5. That picture made me smile!

  6. What an amazing sight that must have been! I've heard of the Derbyshire well-dressings but not trees in jumpers!


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