Give the woman a big hand!

We picked this strawberry from our terrace yesterday. It looks uncannily like a mitten and of course, being so full of myself, I took it to mean that even the garden is applauding me. And it's all mine because the OH has his gout back and has had to swear off strawberries.
Poor old b....r, married to such a sad woman!

On another matter entirely, I went to the Copy Centre yesterday with a memory stick to get a 280 page ms printed (I take large docs there to save our printer from an early demise). When the girl tried to open it, it came up as a Notepad doc with hieroglyphics. I never use ?Notepad - don't even know what it is, to be honest.
I got a new laptop last year and couldn't get it to take Word 2003 so now I'm on 2007. Perhaps the Copy Shop system is older than mine? Anyway, I re-copied the doc in 2 different formats onto my memory stick, returned to Los Cristianos (carrying my laptop as well just in case) and got it printed OK this morning. Technology ain't all it's cracked up to be.

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  1. That strawberry is definitely giving you a thumbs up!


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